What’s a 4K Fight Without Controversy?

In what is being called a live-streaming first, fight fans will be able to watch – in 4K – Daniel Cormier defend his title against Anderson Silva at UFC 200 in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 9, thanks to an arrangement among NeuLion, DirecTV and the UFC.


In order to live-stream the return match in its full 4K glory, viewers must have a 2015 or 2016 Sony HDR Ultra HD television and download the UFC app from Google Play.  DirecTV customers with a set-top box will also be able to access the fight in 4K.

According to Engadget, Sony TV owners who pay the regular $59.99 pay-per-view fee for the event in HD will gain access to the 4K stream, while those watching on DirecTV will have to fork over an extra $5.

To learn more about the event, now promoted under the name of the undercard fight, Lesnar vs. Hunt, visit UFC.TV.

Sony is calling it the “world’s first 4K OTT UFC PPV event.”

Though Cormier and Silva have yet to step into the Octagon, the event hasn’t been without controversy.

Originally, Cormier was to defend against Jon Jones, but Jones was forced to drop out two days before the match because of an alleged doping violation.  Silva, a last-minute replacement, is 41 years-old and two months ago had gall bladder surgery.  You can read more about the last-minute choice of Silva here.

Jon Jones talks about withdrawing from UFC 200 at espn.go.com.

Hopefully things will go more smoothly for NeuLion. As its name implies, 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) delivers four times the resolution of Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels or 1080 p), resulting in an even more detailed television picture. Industry consensus suggests that the 4K standard will eventually replace Full HD. In its announcement, NeuLion cited an IHS forecast that 34% of US homes with have at least one 4K TV by 2019.

NeuLion President and CEO Roy Reichbach said the Cormier-Silva event is “a huge milestone for us,” predicting that the company will “make a huge impact in the digital industry with additional live OTT events in 4K.”

NeuLion provides streaming technology to the UFC, NFL, NBA, Univision Deportes and other sports related networks.

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