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The July 4 holiday is synonymous with fireworks, backyard barbeques and, of course, TV marathons.

From superhero movies to round-the-clock airing of Twilight Zone episodes on SyFy, networks across the TV spectrum offer genre-focused binge schedules to the delight of fans. (For example, learn more about Cozi-TV’s Howdy Doody July 4 marathon.)

But what of the Stars and Stripes? Films and TV series that chronicle – or at least capture the spirit of – America’s birthday are available anytime via popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. So if you’re looking to program your own binge schedule this weekend and want to get into the Independence Day holiday mood, there are some titles definitely worth watching. This article, the first in a two-part series, focuses on two binge-worthy TV series.

TURN: Washington’s Spies (2014 to present)


“Hush, hush.” AMC’s compelling historical thriller series, based on an actual Revolutionary War-period American spy ring, just concluded its third, 10-episode season, with General Benedict Arnold going over to the British side. The series features Long Island, NY cabbage farmer Abraham Woodhull, aka rebel spy Samuel Culper, leading the ring trying to pass intelligence across enemy lines to General George Washington. Jamie Bell plays Woodhull, Kevin McNally is his loyalist father Judge Richard Woodhull, and Ian Kahn is Washington. This is a favorite of The Savvy Screener.

Where can you watch TURN?

Netflix — The first two seasons are available via subscription (three monthly plans available — $7.99, $9.99 and $11.99).  Watch here.

Amazon –  All three seasons are available for $2.99 per episode in HD and $1.99 in SD. Watch here.

John Adams (2008)

John Adams

HBO’s seven-part miniseries follows John Adams from his early days as a lawyer defending British troops on trial for the Boston Massacre, through the Revolution, his one-term presidency and, finally, his retirement years.  A star performance by Paul Giamatti as Adams, with Laura Linney as the nation’s second First Lady, Tom Wilkinson as Ben Franklin and David Morse as George Washington.


Where can you watch John Adams?

HBO Now – Available with a subscription.  Watch here.

Amazon Prime – Free with an Amazon Prime membership ($10.99 on a monthly basis or $99 annually).  Watch here.

Check back tomorrow for The Savvy Screener‘s recommendations for ‘Bingeworthy America’ movies.

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