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Four weeks ago, in the very first The Savvy Screener post, we wrote that 11 international YouTube celebrities had met with Pope Francis in the Vatican “to discuss promoting understanding and empathy.” We also promised to “let you know” as soon as those YouTubers got around to posting videos about their historic Papal meeting.

Guess what? Engrossed for the past month in all the excitement of starting up a new publication, we forgot all about our promise. But it’s never too late for some positive follow-up, so we’re happy to report that at least five of the YouTube stars have posted videos about the Vatican parlay.

In fact, the first video was apparently posted the day before The Savvy Screener’s debut – by Israel’s anna RF, which is not a woman but an “electro-ethnic-reggae” band with 73,000 subscribers. You can also check out:

  • Mexico’s Los Polinesios, whose 24-minute video (in Spanish) which includes the meeting with the Pope has amassed over 8 million views from its 3 million subscribers since its posting three weeks ago. From this translated news story, we’ve determined that purple-haired Karen Polinesio is a member of an enormously popular comedic group called the Polynesians
  • A half-hour video (in Portuguese) from Brazil’s Matemática Río, who seems to be a math professor with 365,000 subscribers
  • My Trip to Italy,” a 4-minute “vlog” from 20-year-old Hayla Ghazal of the United Arab Emirates, which has over 670,000 views less than two weeks since its posting. Ghazal is a university student in Dubai and the founder of a bridal and evening gown shop. Her YouTube channel, Hayla TV, provides “tips for girls” – with over 1.2 million of them subscribing
  • Two posts from Jamie and Nikki, a married couple from Australia and South Sudan/Egypt respectively, who have 690,000 fans subscribing to twice-weekly posts about their daily lives. Check out the 20-minute “Taking Selfies with the Pope!!” and the 8-minute “Jamie and Nikki Chat With the Pope!

Nothing about the Papal meeting has been posted yet by the two US. representatives — Dulce Candy, a Mexican immigrant and Iraqi War veteran whose YouTube channel focusing on “beauty, fashion and finding happiness” has more than 2 million subscribers, and Matthew Patrick, whose Game Theorists channel tops 6 million.

Finally, thanks again to Israel’s anna RF, here is 50 minutes of the entire confab of the Pope and the YouTube celebs:

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