Savor or Devour? Netflix Has a Binge Scale for That


Binge-watching is a term perhaps first coined to describe those Netflix subscribers who consume television series like a bottomless bag of potato chips.

So it makes perfect sense that the streaming service would examine viewing patterns for more than 100 of its TV series in over 190 countries and invent a way to contextualize the nuances of binging. Netflix calls it “The Netflix Binge Scale.”


On one end of the scale are series that are devoured. Devoured programs are typically hard-hitting shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story that fall into the sci-fi, horror and thriller categories and are, on average, scarfed down in one week.

More complex narratives like House of Cards and Bloodline are savored — that is, enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Comedies, as well as historical and political dramas, are usually on the “savor” end of the binge spectrum.

Where do your viewing tastes fall on the “Binge Scale?”




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