Streaming Services Rival Broadcasters on Social Media

Engagement Labs, creator of the eValue™ score, has released its rankings of the top performing broadcast networks and streaming services on social media.

Each network and streaming service was assessed for “responsiveness,” “engagement,” and “impact.” Among the streaming content providers, Hulu nabbed the top spot on Facebook, despite posting less frequently than competing streaming services, while Amazon was king on Twitter, according to the data and technology firm.

“The TV landscape has drastically changed due to the rise in popularity of TV streaming services,” stated Bryan Segal, CEO at Engagement Labs. “With the dynamics of television viewing shifting drastically, the online conversations among TV fans have begun to reflect these changes.”

Hulu, Netflix and Amazon individually ranked higher in “Responsiveness” than the average score generated by all the TV networks measured.

“These new services are giving TV networks a run for their money by focusing on two-way communication through effective response strategies,” continued Segal. “These strategies build brand affinity and trust amongst followers, something broadcast networks are lacking on Facebook, as highlighted by their low responsiveness scores.”

Meanwhile, as reported in Cynopsis, the ListenFirst Television Interest (TVI) Rating (TM), which measures fan-generated interested around TV shows, reported that Netflix took the top four spots in its rankings of most buzzed-about streaming shows from May 30 through June 5.


Netflix’s Sense8, Bloodline, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards topped the ListenFirst chart of most talked-about streaming series. Overall, Netflix grabbed seven of the top 10 spots.


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