AT&T Hopes Connecting Its DirecTV Service to Cars Will Drive Video Consumption

The Washington Post’s Brian Fung reports AT&T plans to offer to wireless customers its pay-tv service, DirecTV, directly in their cars.

Although AT&T hasn’t given a service launch timeline, Fung writes about the additional revenue-generating potential of providing data-hogging video to vehicles that are connected to its cellular network.imgres-1

Chris Penrose, senior vice president of AT&T’s Internet of Things department, told Fung, “If you start turning the car into a Wifi hotspot and using Internet radio, doing real-time live traffic, and you start doing things with video capture or video consumption in the back seat of the vehicle, those become much-higher-bandwidth solutions that drive much higher [revenues].”

AT&T customers can already get DirecTV on their smartphones and tablets. Consumers with DirecTV subscriptions are also eligible for an unlimited wireless data plans, with an optional monthly $40 plan for their cars.

You can read Fung’s article, in its entirety, at The Washington Post.

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